Angel Street

Okoboji Summer Theatre| 2013

Directed by: Rich Cole

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Ashley Harrison
Lighting Design: Christopher Bowe
Sound Design: Michael Burke

Photography: Dan Schultz

Unexplainable things are occurring in Manningham's home. Set in 19th century London, Patrick Hamilton's Angel Street is a murder thriller that investigates the mysterious events taking place, such as injuries, missing items, and footsteps heard from a locked unoccupied top floor. Mr. Manningham, who hears the footsteps, believes that she may be going insane. But the arrival of Detective Rough leads to further questioning and an opening of secrets, which may reveal that it is not Mr. Manningham’s sanity that is of concern but if the man she is married to is dangerous.

Creating the Manningham Drawing Room was all in the details. Working closely with the Properties team to source all the Victorian-era props and set dressing we could get out hands-on. I made some modifications to the curved staircase in the script to have the scene shop with the 6-day build schedule. We created the wallpaper roller using a 1930’s wallpaper roller that was gifted to the theatre the prior summer.