Not Now, Darling

Okoboji Summer Theatre | 2018
Directed by: Fred Rubeck
Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Ashley Harrison
Lithing Design: Savannah Bell
Sound Design: Michael Burke

Photography: Delainey Phillips

Centered in a London Fur Salon, Not Now Darling follows the misadventures of Arnold Crouch, one of the two owners who is struggling to keep the business in shape, and his partner Gilbert Bodley, an insatiable philanderer. To present his mistress, a luxurious mink coat without troubling her jealous husband, Gilbert sells it at a cheap cost. However, things are not ever that simple. In the end, despite the chaotic chain of events that include mistaken identities, scantily clad women kept hidden in closets, mobsters, suspicious wives, and misguided shoppers- everything turns out as it should be!

As British farce, I wanted to create a feminine quality within the British architecture in which the play is set. I referenced the work of Wes Anderson’s cinematic color palette and of course, added a few solid doors.